Where do I start with green?

Where do I start with green?
It’s a good question to ask. Reducing energy use is far more affordable than adding solar on your home. Right now people primarily associate green and sustainable with solar and renewable energy.  This is a great start; however, it is also expensive.

If you put solar on your house the goal is to reduce or eliminate the energy you need from a local utility.  The size and cost of the system is calculated based on your current and historical energy use.  Use a lot of energy?  You need a big solar system and it will cost you quite a bit.  Solar technology is improving but it is still a big-ticket item.

Here are different ways to think about reducing energy in your home, more
affordably. Some are easy, and for the most part you can do them yourself:
– Insulate your attic, walls and floors
– Put in fluorescent light bulbs
– Re-caulking around exterior and interior door and window trim
– Insulate heating ducts and make sure they are well sealed
– Get and install an aftermarket hot water recirculation pump
– For more examples check out:   http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/Projects.htm

All of these things will cut the amount of energy you use, and don’t cost tens of thousands of dollars.  More importantly, putting solar on your house is not as efficient, if you don’t make these changes first because you haven’t conserved any energy, you’ve only replaced the source of your energy and spent too much in the process.

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