New Is Great, But What About Old?

People love new.  New car smell, new school clothes, new home.  New is great.  I’m not going to lie.  But new also requires more new things.  More parts, more packaging, more waste, more environmental impact.

In construction, new ran the game a couple of years ago.  New homes were easy to buy and readily available so people flocked to them.  With the downturn in the economy what was new is now old.  And the old weren’t built well to begin with.  Developers built with profits in mind and the quality of the home suffered, look at all the homes on the east coast built using contaminated Chinese sheetrock,

So what should be done with old homes?  Make them new.  Give each one a “green” remodel.  Insulate them properly, check the ductwork, check for air leaks, install energy efficient appliances and electronics.  Make it a better place for people to live in.  Make it a home that will last, not become a run down relic of a boom period passed.  This is easier than it seems and not as costly as a full remodel, and most importantly the end result is a new home.  Need proof.  Read this article from Jestson Green,

Current and future homeowners benefit and the construction industry can get back to work, doing better work this time.  Let’s start making old new.

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