Comfort vs. Square Footage

All homeowners want to be comfortable in their home.  If your family grows or the space starts feeling inadequate, you feel the need to add more space or move.  This is where I see big opportunity.

Instead of just maxing out the square footage your lot will allow and designing from that mind set, why not seek an open floor plan that gives the house more of an open feeling?

Open floor plan design doesn’t require the maximum square footage a lot will allow to be comfortable; I’ve been in homes that are 2000 sq. feet that feel bigger and more comfortable than 3500 sq. foot homes.  The 3500 sq. foot homes were more compartmentalized; a sitting room, a formal dining room, a family room, a living room, and a kitchen all separated by walls and hallways.  To make these rooms comfortable enough to live in requires using a lot of square footage.  The 2000 sq. foot home took all of these rooms and combined them into functional areas; the kitchen, dining room and family/living room all used the same space with no walls dividing them, just one big functional, comfortably flowing space.

So why not sit down with homebuilders to find ways to open your home up.  It’s hard enough to finance remodels now in this current economy, so challenge builders and architects to be more innovative.  It is cheaper to knock a wall down, even if a beam is added, then it is to add 50 sq. feet onto a house. Both having the same end effect.


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