Greener Moving

Over the last two weeks I’ve been in the process of packing up my old place, moving and unpacking at my new one.  Moving is never something I would say I love doing.  Although it is fun getting to a new place and looking forward to new adventures and experiences, the process of getting there is not the most enjoyable.

Thankfully, finding boxes to pack was a breeze.  My wife found a company called ZippGo.  Their customer service is fantastic. They are quick to respond to your questions and are accommodating with pickup and delivery. ZippGo will deliver as many reusable heavy duty 100% recycled plastic boxes as you need to move.  You pack and move.  Then they pick up the boxes when you’re finished and the process starts over for them.

Some startling news about cardboard boxes from the ZippGo website: The average move requires about 60 cardboard boxes…The typical residential move would use approximately 80lbs of cardboard. If just 100 people per month were to switch to using our delivered reusable plastic green boxes instead of cardboard boxes, then 4 tons less paper per month and a whopping 48 tons less paper per year would be consumed.

It’s a win win for you and the environment. The process is easy and it is more cost efficient than buying cardboard boxes. The boxes are sturdier than cardboard boxes so no worries about breaking your things, but do be careful about over packing, as we did on a few.

Next time you’re thinking of moving, I recommend looking into a greener more eco-friendly approach. I must admit it was really nice not to have to have the waste of empty cardboard boxes at the end of our move.

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